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The GBA Roms Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding gameboy advance roms.

Is Emulation Legal?
Yes and no, it depends on copyright issues.

What is a ROM?
A rom is a backup copy of a game you can use with your computer. Using special software you can download the rom image from your games cartridge to your pc and play it with an emulator.

What is an Emulator?
An emulator is a piece of software for your pc that emulates a specific console enabling you to play the rom images from the console cartridges on your PC.

Are ROM's Legal?
Some are, some are not. The majority of roms are illegal (copyright issues), however there are some legal roms available online.

How do I play ROM's?
You play rom's with an emulator for the system the ROM runs on. So if you have gba roms, you will need a gba emulator for your pc.

Where can I get ROM's?
There are thousands of sites on the Internet offering rom's for download. Check out our demo's section along with our partners links for rom sites.

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