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About GBA Roms 4u

The GBA Roms Website was started by myself on thursday the 20th of November, 2003. I started this website as i've always had an interest in gaming, the Internet and web design but only recently in gba gaming. I've only been playing gba games for a few weeks but i'm already addicted. I only work on the site part time as a bit of a hobby but who knows, it might get big one day!

I started this site because i'm forever looking around for gba roms and information and can never find any good information sites, just pages of roms that disappear within a few hours. Hopefully this site will help. My aim is to creat a one stop gba roms resource, but i'm a long way off that yet.

This "About" page will continue to grow as the site progresses. If you wish to contact me regarding the site, check out the contact us page!

Enjoy the site!

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